The Magic of Medical Tape


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The Magic of Medical Tape

01 Jan 1970

Generally speaking, we think that medical tape is only used for some medical assistance, but we don’t know that small medical tape has such a role!!


1. Women love beauty, and double eyelids will always make the eyes look brighter and more attractive. So there are all kinds of double eyelid stickers on the market, which effectively satisfy women's desire for double eyelids and big eyes. However, in the process of use, there are often embarrassing situations such as skin allergies, easy fall of the stickers, and difficulty in applying eye makeup.
2. There are many bubbles in the bath, and the bathtub is slippery, and there is a lot of oily smoke in the kitchen, and the floor tiles are slippery. This made my mother anxious. If you want to be non-slip, look here
3. Long-distance running is not only testing the endurance of athletes or long-distance running enthusiasts, but also testing the wear resistance of your body!!
4. The shoes are often washed, and the shoelaces are tied and taken off repeatedly. After a long time, the shoelaces will fall off, and it becomes difficult to wear the shoelaces. At this time, you might as well wrap a few laps of tape around the shoelace mouth, and then press it tightly, so that the shoelace can be easily worn in.
5. Among the clothes we usually wear, there are always some kinds of plush that are relatively easy to stick to, which cannot be removed by hand. At this time, as long as the tape is reversed and wrapped around the hand, and then the plush is glued, it will be solved quickly.

Medical tape can easily help you solve these problems.

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