The role of medical catheter fixing stickers


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The role of medical catheter fixing stickers

01 Jan 1970

With the development of medical technology, minimally invasive surgery is more and more used in clinical treatment, which also requires the use of medical catheter fixation, double-lumen bronchial catheter thoracoscopic lung tumor surgery is one of the "minimally invasive" methods, in recent years Later, Qingyuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine successfully completed the first double-lumen bronchial catheter resection of thoracic tumor. In mid-June, the Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine received a patient who was transferred from Guangzhou and was diagnosed with a left lung tumor, viral hepatitis B, abnormal liver function and other diseases. Through a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the patient's condition, it was found that the patient's left lung tumor was severe and required immediate surgery. With the consent of the patient and his family, the hepatobiliary department and the anesthesiology department headed by the internal medicine department of the hospital decided to perform thoracoscopic intrapulmonary tumor resection under double-lumen bronchial catheter anesthesia after detailed examination and careful discussion.


The operation only opens 1 to 3 small holes on the chest wall of the patient, and the chest situation is projected on the large screen through a small medical camera, which provides a more detailed and clearer view for the doctor to perform the operation. The operation process is very smooth, and bleeding during the operation The time is short, the patient recovers well after the operation, and can get out of bed the next day after the operation. According to reports, the traditional lobectomy is an open operation that requires a 30-centimeter incision on the chest skin, cutting off the chest wall muscles, cutting off the muscles between the two ribs, and opening the ribs for surgery. This kind of operation has serious damage to the ribs, severe pain and trauma. It takes about two weeks to leave the hospital after surgery. Some patients cannot bear the trauma of surgery due to their physical condition, and often lose the chance of surgery.

     Thoracoscopic lung tumor resection has small incision, less bleeding, no need to cut ribs, avoids trauma caused by open ribs, fast postoperative healing, less chance of infection, lower cost of medication, nursing and hospitalization, and the cost of surgery is similar to that of traditional surgery , has been gradually applied in clinical operations. The development of thoracoscopic minimally invasive surgery is the epitome of the continuous innovation of medical technology in Qingyuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In recent years, the Urban Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital has been committed to strengthening the application of new medical catheter fixation stickers, so that patients can recover as soon as possible, shorten the length of hospital stay, and improve patients' satisfaction with medical experience.

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